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Drug Awareness

Volatile Solvents
Drug Rehabilitation.
Angel Dust
Hash Oil
Volatile Solvents

Many common household products contain chemicals that, when inhaled, produce a drunken-like state. Approximately one out of five eighth-graders reported using inhalants to get high at least once in their lives.   Most inhalants are extremely toxic to the body's organs. Inhalant use may cause neural damage - leading to the loss of reasoning ability as well psychological and social problems. Significant damage to the liver and kidneys may also occur. Some inhalants may cause sudden death due to heartbeat irregularities.
Users of inhalants may have a sense of lightheadedness and experience vivid fantasies. Long-term users often lose weight have nosebleeds, mouth sores, and are irritable or depressed. Nausea, vomiting and extreme salivation are common side effects. The table below fists common household products that are used as inhalants.
Types of Inhalants Product
Adhesives model airplane glue, other glues, special elements
Aerosols spray paint, hair spray, deodorant, air freshener
Cleaning Agents dry cleaning fluid, spot remover, degrease rs
Food Products whipped cream aerosols
Solvents and Gases nail polish remover, paint remover, correction fluid, lighter fluid

one form of a Volatile Substance is WHITE OUT

a few exaples of cleaning solvents